Confidence from LSU football RB shows Tigers’ great culture

LSU Football RB Tyrion Davis-Price Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
LSU Football RB Tyrion Davis-Price Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /

LSU football has a great culture in place thanks to Ed Orgeron.

LSU football isn’t off to a great start this season — losses to Mississippi State and Missouri certainly weren’t expected — but everything is going to be fine in Baton Rouge for one specific reason.

The culture.

Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron has built an incredible culture at LSU.

Everyone associated with the Tigers has a job. Everyone knows the expectation at LSU. And that was exemplified this week in a quote from running back Tyrion Davis-Price.

Tyrion Davis-Price quote shows how LSU football has a great culture

Davis-Price spoke to reporters this week via a virtual media session and he was asked about the differences between true freshman quarterback TJ Finley and redshirt junior quarterback Myles Brennan.

(Finley started last week against South Carolina due to an abdomen injury that sidelined Brennan.)

Davis-Price was quick to point out that at LSU players don’t worry about who is playing quarterback because they know the staff will have someone prepared no matter what.

“Back there, we’re comfortable with all our quarterbacks,” said Davis-Price (via 247Sports). “We’re LSU. When we’re here, they get us ready to play. Next man up.”

“Myles is hurt and TJ stepped in for him for that game. He played how he was supposed to play and how he was practicing all week. He was ready.”

The “we’re LSU” comment from Davis-Price pretty much says it all. There’s a certain expectation at LSU when it comes to players, coaches, support staff, administration, etc.

That’s why the Tigers are going to continue to be a force in college football.

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2020 didn’t get off to a great start, but that doesn’t mean LSU’s reign at the top of the college football world is over. The Tigers will be back there soon. And they’ll be as strong as ever.