LSU Football: Tigers’ struggles aren’t affecting recruiting in a negative way

LSU Football vs Vanderbilt
LSU Football vs Vanderbilt /

LSU football isn’t off to a great start this season.

LSU football is off to a 2-3 start this season.

That’s not what anyone was expecting to see from the defending national champions.

The Tigers were expected to be a factor in the SEC West division race in 2020 — despite losing 14 players to the 2020 NFL Draft.

Instead, LSU is hoping to avoid a last-place finish in the division.

The good news for the Tigers, however, is that their 2-3 start doesn’t seem to be impacting recruiting negatively….yet.

LSU football still a major player for five-star defensive lineman

Ed Orgeron didn’t forget how to coach overnight. LSU didn’t go from champions to cellar dwellers in an off-season, either.

The bad start this season is simply due to a lack of experience. LSU lost basically their whole team. The Tigers are essentially starting over this season.

Recruits, fortunately, recognize this.

Five-star defensive lineman Maason Smith recently spoke to Rivals about his recruitment and he was asked about the Tigers’ struggles this season.

Smith doesn’t appear to be bothered one bit by LSU’s poor defensive play this season.

“It really doesn’t have nothing to do with me,” explained Smith. “Even if they not playing too good right now, some of the other teams in my top five weren’t playing too good a few years ago or last year.”

Not only is Smith not bothered by the Tigers’ defensive struggles, but it’s also actually made him notice how much LSU could use him.

“They always tell me they need somebody like me to come in and just be a force upfront,” said Smith. “You can tell that they really need that.”

As long as recruiting doesn’t suffer, then it’s really no harm, no foul this season. LSU has plenty of young talent on the roster. And there’s plenty of talent on the way (the Tigers currently have the No. 4 ranked 2021 recruiting class in the nation).

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LSU is going to be just fine. It won’t be long before the Tigers are once again dominating the College Football Playoff.