LSU Football: 5 reasons to never lose faith in Ed Orgeron as Tigers’ head coach

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LSU football is struggling a bit in 2020 under head coach Ed Orgeron.

LSU football isn’t off to a great start this season (2-3 after five games), which is a bit surprising to me.

I didn’t expect the Tigers to compete for a national championship in 2020 (not after all the talent the program lost), but I didn’t think they’d lose to Missouri and Mississippi State, either.

An extreme loss of talent, combined with replacing several key assistants, has essentially put LSU in a mega-rebuild.

Powerhouses in the SEC, however, aren’t supposed to go through mega-rebuilds — they’re supposed to immediately reload and compete for championships.

In most years, that probably would’ve been the case for the Tigers. But I’m not sure any program — not even Alabama — could withstand losing 14 players to the NFL in a single draft class.

Fans need to keep the faith in Coach O. I’m not just saying that to be optimistic. I think there are five legitimate/valid reasons that fans should have just as much faith as ever in Orgeron.

1. LSU football is recruiting well

Recruiting is the lifeblood of college football. If you don’t recruit well, you won’t win in the SEC. It’s that simple.

LSU, fortunately, is recruiting extremely well.

The Tigers currently have the No. 3 ranked recruiting class in the nation. And they may not be finished. LSU is one of the favorites to land five-star defensive line duo Maason Smith and Korey Foreman.

Smith is a five-star defensive tackle from Louisiana, while Foreman, a defensive end, is rated as the No. 1 2021 recruit in the nation. Smith and Foreman want to play together in college and it’s very possible they could land in Baton Rouge. If the Tigers can land the elite duo, they could end up with the No. 1 ranked 2021 recruiting class in the nation.

A top recruiting class in 2021, combined with the No. 4 ranked recruiting class in 2020 means there will be a lot of top-end talent with plenty of experience on the field for LSU in a few years.

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