LSU Football’s interesting way of preparing for crowd noise against Texas A&M

LSU Football head coach Ed Orgeron (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
LSU Football head coach Ed Orgeron (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

LSU football is concerned about crowd noise against Texas A&M this weekend.

One of the great things about college sports is the loud crowd noise often heard on Saturdays, and no one knows that better than LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron.

Orgeron has coached at programs like Miami, USC, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and, of course, LSU.

Those are some great crowds with incredible traditions.

But unfortunately, due to COVID-19, crowds have been greatly reduced this season. Each state/program has its own guidelines. Most games have fans at this point, but the crowds are sparse at best.

Texas A&M, despite the reduced capacity, is still managing to gain a bit of a home-field advantage.

The Aggies are averaging around 25,000 fans per home game, and those fans are loud.

LSU is set to play Texas A&M on Saturday night, which means the Tigers better be prepared for the loudest road crowd they’ve played in front of this season.

LSU football’s interesting way of prepping for crowd noise at Texas A&M

Crowd noise hasn’t been an issue for the Tigers so far this season. But Coach O and his staff are concerned that it could be a factor on Saturday night in College Station.

So to prepare for the noise, LSU practiced this week with extremely loud music.

That’s not the interesting part (plenty of programs practice this way).

It’s how the music got around the practice field that was interesting.

“Doug has a John Deere with a big speaker right behind it,” said Orgeron this week (via Rivals). “And we play some music as loud as we possibly can. We get tired of hearing it on Tuesday and Wednesday.”

The image of a John Deere riding around LSU’s practice field blasting music is hilarious to me.

But hey, whatever works, right?

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I hope the crowd is loud on Saturday night — even though it’s a road game.

It’ll be nice to hear some fans. And it might even give the Tigers a little extra juice.