There’s another reason to be impressed by Joe Burrow

Former LSU football QB Joe BurrowCincinnati Bengals At Tennessee Titans
Former LSU football QB Joe BurrowCincinnati Bengals At Tennessee Titans /

Former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow will miss the rest of the 2020 season after suffering a torn ACL.

Former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow does nothing but impress.

Whether it’s his on-the-field play or his off-the-field leadership, Burrow consistently exceeds expectations.

That’s why it was so disappointing to see Burrow’s rookie season with the Cincinnati Bengals ended prematurely (due to a devastating knee injury he suffered against the Washington Football Team).

The former Tigers standout is one of the NFL’s brightest young stars. With star quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees nearing the end of their careers, it’s important that players like Burrow step up and carry the torch.

Fortunately for fans, it looks like Burrow will be returning to the field as soon he’s physically able.

Joe Burrow’s work ethic and pain tolerance is impressing

Most players that make it to the NFL have a great work ethic and a high pain tolerance.

Reaching the highest level of professional football isn’t easy. It’s the best of the best. The players with the most talent that work the hardest and fight through adversity are the ones who make it.

It’s not unusual to hear stories of players who battle through injuries to return to the field.

So when a player who is dealing with an injury impresses folks in the NFL, it likely means that player is incredibly special.

And that’s where Burrow comes in.

Burrow is less than a week removed from his season-ending knee injury and instead of taking it easy, he’s already working hard to return to the field.

Check out what Bengals tight end CJ Uzomah had to say about Burrow this week on the Bengals Booth Podcast (via Sports Illustrated).

"“Today I saw him in there and he seems high-spirited,” Uzomah said. “He was asking a bunch of questions about like, ‘hey, can I do this? Hey can I do this? If I try to flex this right now, is that OK?’ And the trainer Nick (Cosgray) was like ‘yes, does that not hurt?’ And he (Burrow) was like ‘no, it feels a lot better already today.’ And I was doing the rest of my rehab and finishing up and Nick came to help me out and he was like ‘that guy’s a beast. That’s insane. His pain tolerance has to be ridiculous for that.'”"

I don’t guess we should be surprised. Burrow does everything at 150 percent effort. Why would recovering from a torn ACL be any different?

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Hopefully, the recovery continues to go smoothly for Burrow. He has a long road ahead. But if anyone can return from a torn ACL and be better when they get back, it’s Joe Burrow.