LSU Football: Why Ed Orgeron isn’t Gene Chizik and never will be

LSU Football head coach Ed Orgeron (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
LSU Football head coach Ed Orgeron (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

There have been some ridiculous comments surrounding LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron lately.

I’ve said it a lot here in recent weeks, but it bears repeating — things aren’t going well for LSU football this season.

And that’s ok.

I think we tend to forget in college football — and sports in general — that what Alabama does every year isn’t normal. I’m not sure how Nick Saban has built a juggernaut in Tuscaloosa. I just know it shouldn’t be what’s used to measure other programs. And that includes LSU.

The Tigers are in a good place under Ed Orgeron. They won a national championship in his third full year as the program’s head coach. There will be no championship in year four, but that’s something we knew going into the season.

Now, has this year gone a little worse than we expected?


But it’s been a strange year full of never-before-seen obstacles.

Unfortunately, this has led to fans (both LSU and opposing fans) suggesting that Orgeron is a one-year wonder. I’ve even seen the name Gene Chizik attached to Coach O’s name

Chizik won a national championship at Auburn thanks to Cam Newton. Chizik truly was a one-year wonder. Nothing else about that team was good. It was Cam’s show and once he was gone, so was Auburn’s success.

I’m sure some folks would compare Joe Burrow to Cam, but that would be inaccurate.

Burrow was at LSU for two seasons. He grew as a player during his time with the Tigers. He’s a better player because he played at LSU.

LSU football will be just fine under Coach O

What Coach O has dealt with in Baton Rouge this season has been a bit overwhelming.

14 players going to the NFL. A pandemic. Numerous opt-outs. And an injury to the starting quarterback (Myles Brennan), forcing two true freshmen into action.

There’s really no amount of coaching that can overcome those obstacles. I don’t think Saban would fare much better in the same situation.

Orgeron will get this thing on track. He’s dealt with a tense locker room before. Coach O knows what it takes to win a championship. He knows how to put players in position to have success.

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LSU is going to get this thing right. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Tigers are right back at the top of the SEC West in 2021.