The move the Cincinnati Bengals should make to help Joe Burrow in 2021

Former LSU football QB Joe Burrow (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
Former LSU football QB Joe Burrow (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images) /

Former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow needs some help in Cincinnati.

Former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow had his rookie season cut short thanks to a devastating knee injury he suffered in November.

But while we were robbed of seeing a full season of Burrow with the Cincinnati Bengals, we at least got a glimpse of how great he can be in the NFL.

Burrow was the best thing about the Bengals this season. He gave non-Cincinnati fans a reason to tune in to Bengals games.

And he made Tyler Boyd one of the top wide receivers in the NFL (Boyd’s production has dropped off since Burrow’s injury).

Burrow has the potential to turn the Bengals into a perennial playoff contender. But he won’t be able to do it alone.

The former Tigers standout obviously needs a great supporting cast around him. However, that’s not all he needs. Burrow also needs a head coach that’s going to help him reach his full potential.

Maybe that’s current head coach Zac Taylor. I think the jury is still out on Taylor.

The Bengals could wait and see if Taylor ends up being the next Sean McVay. They could wait and see if he’s the guy that can unlock Burrow’s full potential.

Or they could go with a can’t miss option. Someone that we already know can help Burrow play at his highest level.

The move the Bengals need to make to help Joe Burrow become a superstar

Cincinnati has an opportunity to create something special with Burrow and a coach who could be available this offseason.

Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady.

We already know that Burrow and Brady work well together. LSU’s magical season in 2019 was a direct result of the Burrow/Brady combination.

Why not try to recreate that in Cincinnati?

Brady is the next McVay. He’s the next “young” head coach that revolutionizes a team’s offense.

The NFL is a copycat league. Brady checks all the boxes. He’s young, innovative, and well thought of in football circles. He also has an impressive track record of success, despite being only 31 years old (NFL experience with Sean Payton, college experience with LSU, and now NFL playcalling experience with the Panthers).

I don’t think the Bengals should move on from Taylor because he’s done a bad job. I think they should move on from Taylor because there’s a better option for the franchise.

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If Cincinnati wants Burrow to be the best version of Burrow he can be, they need to find a way to steal Brady from the Panthers and make him the franchise’s next head coach.