LSU Football: Nick Saban might be a little delusional

Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby Jr/The Tuscaloosa News via USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby Jr/The Tuscaloosa News via USA TODAY Sports /

Former LSU football head coach Nick Saban has become delusional during his years at Alabama.

Former LSU football head coach Nick Saban, who has been the head coach at Alabama since 2007, is the best coach in college football.

There’s no debating that.

But just because Saban is the best coach in college football, doesn’t mean he’s not delusional.

And we were reminded of that this week.

Nick Saban actually thought he could steal Leonard Fournette from LSU football

Former Tigers running back Leonard Fournette was the most sought after recruit in the nation in 2014.

Fournette, a New Orleans native, was rated as the top player in the 2014 class (according to 247Sports’ composite rankings). He essentially had an offer from every program in the nation.

LSU was always the team to beat for Fournette. Now, that didn’t stop programs like Alabama from trying to steal him, but there was little doubt that the Tigers would be the team to land the stud running back.

Les Miles, who was LSU’s head coach at the time, took extra steps to ensure that Fournette would be a Tiger. Miles famously didn’t sign a running back in 2013, just to be certain that LSU didn’t hurt its chances with Fournette.

It worked. Fournette signed with LSU as expected and had a terrific career in Baton Rouge.

No one was surprised.

Except maybe Nick Saban.

This week, Saban was asked by Dan Patrick about the toughest recruits that he lost.

Saban pointed out Fournette.

“Leonard Fournette comes to mind, I had a really good relationship with him,” said Saban (via 247Sports).

“His mom made crawfish etouffee and it was the best meal and all that. You think you have a chance to get the guy and then you don’t. It’s disappointing not only because of the relationship style you develop with players but also with the family.”

Nick. Come on, man.

You never had a legitimate shot at Fournette. It was never happening.

The Tigers weren’t going to lose the top player in the state of Louisiana to Alabama.

Saban had to know deep down that Fournette was never going to end up in Tuscaloosa. He was never going to play in Crimson.

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You got played, Saban. And all these years later you still don’t even realize it.