LSU Football: 3 options to replace Scott Linehan as passing game coordinator

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Joe Bleymaier — Kansas City Chiefs pass game analyst/assistant quarterbacks coach

No one outside of Kansas City probably knows who Joe Bleymaier is.

In fact, I’d bet there are quite a few folks in KC who don’t know his name.

But hey, no one knew who Joe Brady was, either. And that worked out pretty well.

The Chiefs have one of the best offenses in the NFL. And coaches like Bleymaier are part of the reason why.

Bleymaier is heavily involved in Kansas City’s offensive game planning according to head coach Andy Reid.

Reid told reporters earlier this season that Bleymaier comes up with a lot of the team’s innovative concepts.

From Arrowhead Pride:

"“I got Joe Bleymaier here who does all the behind the scenes with all that,” Reid explained. “He spends a tremendous amount of time going through everything from high school to college to the pros and gathering ideas and whether we rearrange the play or sneak it into our playbook as is, but it stimulates. It’s something that keeps you alive and current and then also helps on the defensive side knowing what’s coming forward and the progression of offensives in this league. I give a lot of credit to him and how he goes about that and the amount of hours he spends there.”"

Sounds like he’d be a great fit for what Orgeron is hoping to accomplish with his passing game coordinator position.