LSU Football: Potential safeties coach option for Tigers

LSU football needs a safeties coach after moving on from Bill Busch.

LSU football has several staff vacancies to fill this offseason, including a safeties coach.

Bill Busch, a Nebraska native, joined LSU’s staff as Ed Orgeron’s safeties coach in 2018.

247Sports, along with other media outlets, recently reported that Busch won’t return to Baton Rouge in 2021.

Where Coach O will turn for a new safeties coach is anyone’s guess. Orgeron is taking his time in filling his vacancies.

One possible reason that Orgeron isn’t in a rush is so he can interview some NFL assistants.

Could LSU football steal another New Orleans Saints assistant?

When Orgeron hired Joe Brady from the Saints, it was a move that didn’t generate a lot of national interest.

But after one year in Baton Rouge, Brady became a household name.

So why not try to steal another relatively unknown assistant from New Orleans?

Saints defensive assistant Cory Robinson is a name that I think could make sense for LSU.

Robinson, a Baltimore native, has been coaching for 10 years. He coached at the high school level for several years before getting a shot at Toledo. Robinson has also coached at Temple, Rutgers, and Maryland, before landing in the NFL with New Orleans.

There isn’t an obvious connection (aside from being in New Orleans) between Robinson and LSU.

But Orgeron has displayed a willingness to take a gamble on NFL coaches in the past (Brady), so it would make sense for him to look to the NFL again to fill his safeties coach vacancy.

Robinson is also a young coach who has the aforementioned high school experience, so he would likely be an asset on the recruiting trail.