Former LSU Football star responds to Super Bowl LV drama with Tom Brady

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

Former LSU football star Tyrann Mathieu received a lot of attention during Super Bowl LV and it wasn’t necessarily because of his play on the field.

Mathieu, who is in his third season with the Kansas City Chiefs, had a bit of a run-in with Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

At one point, cameras caught Mathieu and Brady in an intense back-and-forth on the field.

Later in the game, Mathieu was called for an unsportsmanlike penalty after engaging with Brady.

Mathieu didn’t instigate the instance that led to the unsportsmanlike penalty, it was actually Brady who ran toward the Honey Badger and started chirping.

Former LSU football star Tyrann Mathieu responds to the Tom Brady drama

After the game (which Tampa Bay won 31-9), Mathieu took to Twitter to explain his side of the story.

“He called me something I won’t repeat, but yeah I’ll let all the media throw me under the bus as if I did something or said something to him,” said Mathieu in a since-deleted tweet.

“Go back to my previous games against TB12, I showed him nothing but respect. Look at my interviews about him…I show grace,” added Mathieu.

I can certainly understand Mathieu’s frustration.

Brady is the ultimate competitor. And he’s been know to talk some trash on the field. But because he’s Brady, he gets a pass. Mathieu is also a great competitor, and he was simply responding to Brady as he would any other player in the league.

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Unfortunately for Mathieu, he gets painted as the bad guy because Brady can do no wrong in the eyes of the national media.

I guess that’s how it goes when you have seven Super Bowl rings.