LSU Football: Athletic director wanted Les Miles fired in 2013

Former LSU Football head coach Les Miles (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Former LSU Football head coach Les Miles (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

Earlier this week, USA Today revealed the findings of LSU‘s internal investigation into former Tigers head football coach Les Miles in 2013.

According to the report, Miles was accused of “texting female students, taking them to his condo alone, making them feel uncomfortable and, on at least one occasion, kissing a student and suggesting they go to a hotel” (via USA Today).

The report also says Miles was accused by the athletic department staff at LSU of saying that female student workers should be “attractive, blonde and fit”.

As a result of the report, Miles was issued a letter of reprimand and was directed to not be alone with female staffers. He also had to attend eight, one-hour sessions with an attorney (which Miles had to pay for out of his own pocket).

Former LSU athletic director Joe Alleva wanted Les Miles fired

If former LSU athletic director Joe Alleva would’ve had his way, Miles would’ve been fired after the findings of the investigation.

On Friday, The Athletic’s Brody Miller provided the content of an email from Alleva in the summer of 2013 that detailed his desire to move on from Miles.

Here’s the email in its entirety:

"“Bob and King, thanks for call today … one more time I want us to think about which scenario is worse for LSU. Explaining why we let him go or explaining why we let him stay. Proactive or reactive … I always believe that people are innocent until proven guilty and in this case I believe he is guilty of insubordination, inappropriate behavior, putting the university, athletic dept and football program at great risk. I think we have cause. I specifically told him not to text, call or be alone with any student workers and he obviously didn’t listen. I know there are many possible outcomes and much risk either way, but I believe it is in the best interest in the long run to make a break. The court of public opinion would favor us. The court room? On July 2nd we will know more but the facts will remain the same … thanks.”"

Sports Illustrated reported that LSU didn’t end up firing Miles due to the buyout that would’ve been owed (assuming Miles contested being fired “for cause”).

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Miles was hired as the head coach at Kansas in late 2018 after two years away from coaching. He’s 3-18 so far, including an 0-9 season in 2020.