LSU Football: The spring practice moment we read too much into

Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports /

You’re not going to believe this, but I think we may have read too much into sophomore Max Johnson receiving the first snaps of LSU football‘s spring practice.

Okay, maybe you do believe that we read too much into something.

But hey, that’s kind of what we do. We’re here to talk LSU, break down what things may or may not mean, and then go back and see if we were right (or wrong). You get it (hopefully).

The biggest story during the first week of the Tigers’ spring practice last month was that Johnson received the first first-team snaps, instead of redshirt senior Myles Brennan.

Max Johnson getting first-team snaps for LSU football isn’t a big deal

Brennan was QB 1 to start the 2020 season before an abdomen injury sidelined him for the rest of the season (Brennan was playing well at the time). TJ Finley got the first shot to replace Brennan before Johnson finished the final two games of the season as the starter.

In those two starts, Johnson went 2-0, which is why he received the first snaps of spring practice for LSU.

“You know, the reason why Max is getting the first snap is, I told him, hey, he finishes the season 2-0,” said LSU head coach Ed Orgeron this week (via 247Sports).

Not getting the first snap of spring practice was tough for Brennan, but Orgeron doesn’t see it as a big deal. In fact, Orgeron doesn’t think Johnson receiving the first snap means anything at all.

“You know it was hard for Myles,” explained Orgeron. “I could’ve gave Myles the first snap too. It really didn’t matter. They’re all competing for a job.”

“Who takes the first snaps, they’ll all take equal snaps and stuff,” added Orgeron. “I think that’s more of a status deal. There is no starting quarterback. They’re all competing and all four of them are very, very talented.”

I think it’s clear from Orgeron’s comments that who receives the first snaps in practices right now is not indicative of who the starting quarterback will be this fall.

At some point, Orgeron will let us know who the starter is going to be. That almost certainly won’t happen this spring.

And that’s fine. The Tigers have a ridiculous amount of quarterback talent on the roster. Any of those guys could start and lead LSU to success.

It’s Orgeron’s job to find out which quarterback can lead the Tigers to a championship.

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Let’s hope he’s able to figure it out.