LSU Football offensive coordinator Jake Peetz is officially insane

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A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned how LSU football offensive coordinator Jake Peetz has a unique way of energizing his players.

Tigers sophomore quarterback TJ Finley told reporters that Peetz likes to flip over tables from time to time during position group meetings (via Jerit Roser).

Stories like these can sometimes be exaggerated from time to time.

Finley, however, wasn’t exaggerating. Flipping tables is apparently something Peetz does a lot.

LSU football’s OC isn’t afraid to flip a table and leave the room

LSU offensive lineman Ed Ingram spoke with reporters this week and he had a fun Jake Peetz story to share.

Ingram told reporters that he gets a lot of interaction with Peetz during the week.

“He tries to stay in there with all the older guys and stuff,” said Ingram this week (via 247Sports). “The leaders on the offense to make us all come together and get the younger guys to come together as well. He has a lot of energy. He brings a lot of energy to the field.”

The energy that Peetz brings isn’t reserved for just the field according to Ingram.

“Just the other day, he ran in our room and flipped a table over just to get everybody awake,” said Ingram. “He had everybody pumped up for practice that day. There were some binders on the table. He just flipped it over.”

It sounds like Peetz is a perfect fit on an Ed Orgeron-led team.

Coach O has been known to throw some things from time to time to fire his team up.

When Orgeron served as Lane Kiffin’s defensive line coach at Tennessee 2009, the fiery coach hurled a projector into a wall before the Vols’ matchup against top-ranked Alabama (via ESPN).

I doubt Orgeron is launching projectors against the wall as the head coach at LSU, but there’s no doubt he still brings the energy daily.

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And the same goes for the coaches on his staff.