Would LSU football be in a college football ‘Super League’?

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LSU football
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The No-Brainers

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide
  2. Clemson Tigers
  3. LSU Tigers
  4. Oklahoma Sooners
  5. Ohio State Buckeyes
  6. Georgia Bulldogs
  7. Florida Gators
  8. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

These are the programs that are competing for national championships nearly every year. They also happen to be some of the most storied programs in college football. And they have great stadiums.

Any College Football Super League without these programs would be absolutely fraudulent.

The only program here that I can really see some folks arguing over is Florida. I get it. Florida has never reached the College Football Playoff. But the Gators are always relevant and they routinely beat some of the best programs in the nation. It’s been a while since they’ve competed in a national championship game, but they aren’t that far away.