NFL coach nails the reason Joe Burrow is better than Trevor Lawrence

Former LSU football QB Joe Burrow and Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence (Graythen/Getty Images)
Former LSU football QB Joe Burrow and Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence (Graythen/Getty Images) /

There’s been a popular debate lately about whether or not Trevor Lawrence will be a better NFL quarterback than Joe Burrow.

Burrow was the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Lawrence is expected to be the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Pro Football Focus writer Mike Renner recently “redrafted” the 2020 and 2021 quarterbacks and had Lawrence over Burrow.

(It didn’t take me long to write my opinion on why Renner was incorrect.)

I’m not surprised that Lawrence vs Burrow is a debate — given how successful both players were at Clemson and LSU.

But anyone putting Lawrence over Burrow — before the former Clemson standout has played in an NFL game — is absolutely insane.

AFC coach points out why Joe Burrow is a better option than Trevor Lawrence

There’s no doubt that Lawrence should be the top player selected in the 2021 NFL Draft. He has great physical traits and he has a track record of success. The Jaguars would be crazy to not select Lawrence.

But what if Burrow was in this draft? Who would Jacksonville select then?

At least one NFL coach believes Burrow would be the better option.

An unnamed AFC quarterbacks coach recently told’s Tom Pelissero that he would take Burrow over Lawrence “100 times out of 100”.

“He (Lawrence) does not have unique, rare playmaking ability,” said the unnamed quarterbacks coach. “If I’m comparing last year to this year, Joe Burrow is picked over Trevor Lawrence 100 times out of 100.”

It’s the ability to make something out of nothing that separates Burrow from Lawrence.

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Does Lawrence have better physical skills than Burrow?

Sure. I don’t think many folks would argue that point.

But Burrow has that special it factor that can’t be quantified.

And that’s why he’s the player that at least one AFC coach would prefer to have.