LSU Football: The Joe Burrow narrative that needs to end

Former LSU football QB Joe Burrow (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images)
Former LSU football QB Joe Burrow (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images) /

There’s a narrative surrounding former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow that needs to end.

And it’s a narrative that we’ve been hearing since early 2020.

Prior to the 2020 NFL Draft, there was a lot of talk about whether or not Burrow wanted to play for the Cincinnati Bengals.

The gist is that Cincinnati is viewed as a franchise where success isn’t possible. And some folks felt like Burrow wanted to avoid playing for the Bengals.

That obviously wasn’t the case. Burrow never came close to holding out, he never even hinted that he didn’t want to play for the Bengals. He signed his rookie contract and has been a great teammate since his arrival in Cincinnati.

But despite this, there are still some analysts out there questioning whether or not Burrow is happy in Cincy.

The Joe Burrow is unhappy narrative needs to end

Burrow was recently asked by Cris Collinsworth (on Collinsworth’s podcast) if he’s happy with the Bengals.

The former LSU standout was very clear in his response.

“Being from Ohio, this is where I wanted to be and then I sat down with Zac (Taylor) and…I mean, Zac is unbelievable,” said Burrow. “He’s going to be great for us for a long time. Me and him have a special relationship.”

“This is a dream for me to be quarterback of the Bengals,” added Burrow. “We have a lot of fun and we have great coaches and players.”

Can we finally end this now?

Burrow loves being in Cincinatti. He’s all in. And the only thing on his mind is winning games.

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Maybe national analysts will quit asking this silly question, and start focusing on Burrow’s promising future instead.