Former LSU Football WR Justin Jefferson may have caused some controversy

Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports /

Former LSU football wide receiver Justin Jefferson wasn’t afraid to get candid this week.

Jefferson, who was selected by the Minnesota Vikings with the No. 22 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, recently spoke with The Herd’s Colin Cowherd about his experience so far in the NFL.

And he made some extremely interesting comments about Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins and former LSU teammate Joe Burrow.

“Kirk and Joe throw similar balls, they’re not the strongest arms, but they’re going to get it to you exactly where you need them to throw it,” said Jefferson. “The thing about Joe that’s a little bit different — I feel like Joe has a little bit more swagger. He has that confidence on the field and he’s not scared to get hit.”

“I feel like as a quarterback, that’s a big trait to have, especially to be as young as he is,” added Jefferson.

It definitely sounds like Jefferson doesn’t think Cousins has the same level of confidence that Burrow possesses. I think most folks probably feel the same way, it’s just unusual to hear a wide receiver openly say that about his quarterback. It also sounds like Jefferson doesn’t think Cousins can take a hit, either.

Jefferson didn’t stop there with his critical comments about Cousins.

Justin Jefferson is already looking beyond Kirk Cousins

Most NFL fans know Cousins isn’t the long-term answer for the Vikings.

But for now, he’s the guy for the Vikings.

Jefferson, however, is already looking beyond the Cousins era in Minnesota.

“We have to build on for after Kirk or whatever the case may be,” said Jefferson.

Cousins has two years remaining on his recent contract extension with the Vikings, which includes $61 million in guaranteed money.

In other words, Cousins won’t be going anywhere until after the 2022 season.

But It sounds like Jefferson is already looking forward to the next quarterback in Minnesota.

Though I’m not sure why. Jefferson had an incredible rookie season in 2020 with Cousins as his quarterback. The former LSU standout caught 88 passes for 1,400 yards and seven touchdowns. Those are incredible numbers for any wide receiver, but they’re especially impressive for a rookie.

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It should be interesting to see how Jefferson’s comments are received in the Vikings’ locker room this offseason.