LSU Football: How 247Sports disrespected Ed Orgeron and the Tigers

Syndication: The Tennessean
Syndication: The Tennessean /

247Sports hit LSU football and head coach Ed Orgeron with the ultimate disrespect this week.

The online sports publication compiled a list of college football’s biggest “one-hit-wonder” teams since 2000.

Their list included obvious selections such as 2007 Kansas, 2008 Texas Tech, and 2010 Auburn.

They also included the 2019 Tigers.

Bewildering, I know.

Calling the 2019 LSU football team a one-hit-wonder is disrespectful

There’s absolutely zero reason that the 2019 LSU team should be considered a one-hit-wonder.

There’s a big difference between an exceptional year for a program and a team coming out of nowhere to have one good year and then fading back into obscurity.

LSU was great in 2019 because of the work they put in the season before. The 2019 season was the culmination of the work that started in 2018.

The 2018 Tigers were a 10 win team that knocked off four top-ten teams. It was clear after 2018 that something special was brewing in Baton Rouge.

Everyone knew LSU was going to be tough to handle in 2019, thanks to a plethora of experienced talent on the roster.

Did anyone expect 15-0 and one of the most prolific offenses of all time?

Of course not. It’s nearly impossible to predict something like that happening.

But it wasn’t necessarily a complete surprise, either. LSU had a ridiculous amount of talent on their 2019 team. The highly-rated players that were signed by the Tigers during previous recruiting cycles ended up delivering on the hype.

LSU is annually one of the teams to beat in college football. It’s one of the few programs to have multiple national championships since the turn of the century.

How can you call a team that competes for the SEC West division title on a yearly basis a one-hit-wonder?

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247Sports got it wrong with this one. And it’s unfortunate because Coach O and the players deserve credit for working hard in previous seasons.

Their accomplishments in 2019 were the result of hard work, dedication, and determination. It shouldn’t be reduced to essentially being called a “fluke season”.