LSU Football: Rivals ranks the top 10 Power-5 offenses over the last decade

LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)
LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images) /

Rivals recently ranked the top 10 Power-5 offenses from the last decade and LSU football, obviously, made their list.

Mike Farrell, a national recruiting columnist for Rivals, compiled the rankings.

Unsurprisingly, Farrell has the 2019 LSU offense at the top of his list.

Here’s his full top 10:

  1. 2019 LSU
  2. 2020 Alabama
  3. 2012 Oregon
  4. 2011 Oklahoma State
  5. 2018 Oklahoma
  6. 2017 Oklahoma
  7. 2013 Baylor
  8. 2016 Oklahoma
  9. 2015 Baylor
  10. 2014 Baylor

LSU football ranked appropriately by Rivals

I’d say Farrell pretty much nailed these rankings.

Though honestly, after the first two on the list, the rankings don’t really matter.

The 2019 LSU squad, which averaged 48.4 points per game, absolutely dominated all season long on its way to a 15-0 season and a win in the national championship game against the Clemson Tigers.

Alabama’s 2020 squad is the only team that comes close to LSU on this list. The Crimson Tide averaged 48.5 points per game last season, but it’s worth noting that that SEC West wasn’t quite as strong in 2020 as it was in 2019 (LSU’s defense was disastrous last season, thanks to the hiring of Bo Pelini as the program’s defensive coordinator).

Beyond LSU and Alabama, it’s all Big 12 teams on this list (except for the 2012 Oregon squad).

And we all know that defense is non-existent in the Big 12. Averaging 40 points in the Big 12 is not the same as averaging 40 points in the SEC.

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That’s no slight against the Big 12 teams on this list, either. The offenses at Baylor, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State have been terrific over the last decade. The players and coaches at those programs have done a tremendous job.

It’s just not as impressive of a feat as doing it in the SEC. That’s all.