LSU Football gets an offseason win against SEC West rival

Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /

LSU football got a big offseason win against one of the top SEC West rivals this week.

And the Tigers didn’t even have to do anything to earn it.

The win was against the Auburn Tigers.

Let’s just say Auburn made a big mistake with one of their recruiting graphics.

Auburn uses graphic featuring name of former LSU football QB Joe Burrow

So here’s how this win against Auburn went for the Tigers.

Thanks to the work of Michael Bratton, who goes by “SEC Mike” on Twitter, we now know that Auburn has been sending graphics to recruits with an image of a Heisman Trophy included.

The only problem is that the Heisman Trophy Auburn used is the Heisman Trophy that LSU quarterback Joe Burrow won in late 2019.

Here’s the photo below. You may have to zoom in to see Burrow’s name.

I mean, this is basically Auburn sending photos to recruits that celebrate the achievement of a former LSU player. I’m sure the intended message is “come to Auburn and win a Heisman”. But the real message is “We’d love to have you at Auburn, but you’d have a better chance of winning a Heisman at LSU”…..or something along those lines.

This was obviously a massive misstep by Auburn. It’s something that could happen to any program.

What makes this such a bad misstep, however, is that Auburn could’ve easily just included a photo of Cam Newton’s Heisman Trophy that he won at Auburn in 2010. But instead, whoever made this graphic was lazy and just searched for a Heisman Trophy graphic, instead of going into the archives and using Newton’s.

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Oh well, it’s a win for LSU on the recruiting trail. Then again, it’s not like wins against Auburn are rare for LSU.

LSU has won 7 of their past 10 games against Auburn.