LSU Football: The biggest positive from potential Oklahoma/Texas move to SEC

Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /

LSU football could have some new SEC opponents in the not-so-distant future.

According to multiple reports (including this one from ESPN), Oklahoma and Texas are on the verge of moving to the SEC.

ESPN reported this week that the move could happen “in a matter of weeks”.

This potential move would obviously have a massive impact on college football. The fallout could change the sport forever (it would likely lead to more conference moves and possibly the dissolution of conferences).

While there will be ramifications off the field, there will still be football games played on Saturday. And ultimately, those games are what matter the most.

The biggest positive for LSU football if Oklahoma and Texas join the SEC

I’ll be honest — I’m not a fan of Oklahoma and Texas moving to the SEC. I wasn’t a big fan of Missouri and Texas A&M joining the conference a decade ago. But I accepted it and it feels natural at this point.

But Oklahoma and Texas?

That’s too much. It significantly weakens the Big 12 and would essentially make the SEC a super-conference that towers above the rest of the sport. I don’t see how that’s good for college football in general.

It appears, however, that this change is inevitable. So we might as well accept it and look for the positives.

So far, the only positive for LSU that I can find is a possible annual matchup with Texas, which I think would be pretty incredible.

LSU and Texas are natural geographic rivals, yet they’ve only played 18 games against each other.

All but two of those games came prior to 1963 (LSU beat Texas in 2019 and Texas beat LSU in 2003).

These two programs — which are two of the most historic programs in college football — are often fighting each other for the same recruits. Why wouldn’t we want to see them battle it out on the field every fall?

I don’t know how the SEC would align the divisions with Oklahoma and Texas (there’s plenty of speculation out there), but I’d strongly recommend they put LSU and Texas in the same division.

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If this move is going to happen — and it seems more than likely it will — the SEC at least needs to do what makes sense and give us the college football rivalry we all deserve.