LSU Football: Ed Orgeron points out what’s standing out during Tigers fall camp

(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

LSU Football head coach Ed Orgeron spoke to reporters on Saturday after the Tigers’ first fall scrimmage and he was asked about what’s been standing out at fall camp so far.

Surprisingly, Orgeron didn’t immediately talk about anything that’s happening on the field.

Instead, Coach O noted the atmosphere at LSU. He talked about how team chemistry is improving. He even noted the bonding that’s happening among the coaches on his staff.

Here’s what Orgeron had to say (via 247Sports) when he was asked what is standing out at fall camp:

"Team chemistry. Team bonding. Coaching staff bonding. The atmosphere, great leadership, communication. Guy’s coming to work. There’s some enthusiasm in the office. We have some young coordinators that have never called games before so they’re energetic. They want to prove themselves. I think that it’s a good mix among the staff."

LSU Football’s culture was going in the wrong direction in 2020

It’s interesting that Orgeron talked about the atmosphere at LSU — because it appeared it was heading in the wrong direction last season.

Earlier this month, an anonymous coach suggested that there were “ego” problems on the defensive side of the ball in Baton Rouge.

While names weren’t named, it certainly feels like Bo Pelini, who served as the Tigers’ defensive coordinator in 2020, was at the root of the “ego” problem. And that would be understandable, considering Pelini hadn’t been an assistant coach since 2007 when Coach O hired him last winter.

When Orgeron overhauled his coaching staff this past offseason, he made it a point to hire coaches who would bring youthful energy to LSU.

It appears his moves paid off. Orgeron seems happy with the staff and the atmosphere that’s surrounding the program.

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By the way, Orgeron did point out a few on-field related items that have been standing out at fall camp. Coach O specifically talked about true freshman wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr. He noted that Thomas has good moves, big hands, and is hard to cover in the red zone.

Orgeron also said that he thinks Thomas will be one of the great wide receivers that’s played at LSU.