LSU Football: Ed Orgeron doesn’t plan to take it easy on his son this weekend

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LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron is in a tough spot as a coach and a father this weekend.

The Tigers are hosting McNeese State on Saturday in Tiger Stadium.

And Cody Orgeron, Coach O’s son, is the Cowboys’ starting quarterback.

It’s a strange position for a parent to be in. Coach O has to focus on winning the game (though it’s a game that LSU should easily win). He has to do his job to the best of his abilities. And that means he has to limit his son’s effectiveness.

LSU Football and Ed Orgeron won’t be taking it easy on Cody Orgeron

If you think Coach O is going to take it easy on his son this weekend, you’re very wrong.

On Tuesday, during Orgeron’s weekly press conference, he was asked about game planning for his son and what he plans to tell LSU’s defensive linemen this week.

Orgeron made it clear that he’s going to coach the Tigers’ defensive linemen just like he would against any other team.

There just might not be such strong language used by Coach O when talking about the opposing quarterback.

Here’s what Orgeron said on Tuesday about defending Cody Orgeron (via 247Sports):

"“I’m going to coach the way I know how to coach. I may tone down a couple of words that I use because it is my son, but besides that, Cody knows we coming. We’re hungry. We have this taste in our belly and McNeese is in our way. He understands that.”"

I can’t imagine being in Orgeron’s position as a parent. Is he supposed to celebrate when his son fails against LSU? Will he be upset to see the Tigers wreaking havoc against Cody?

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I’m sure Coach O will have plenty of mixed emotions on Saturday. But it sounds like his main focus is making sure that LSU wins the game.