Why it’s apparent that LSU Football didn’t have a good offensive plan entering season

Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /

LSU Football head coach Ed Orgeron hired Jake Peetz and DJ Mangas away from the Carolina Panthers with the hope of returning the Tigers to the offense that worked for the program in 2019.

The Joe Brady (now the Panthers’ offensive coordinator) style of offense that dominated college football during the Tigers’ most recent championship run.

So far, that hasn’t really been the case.

LSU’s offense hasn’t necessarily looked “anemic” through the first two games of the season, but there are definitely some issues.

Specifically when it comes to running the ball.

As a result of those struggles, the Tigers are going to switch up their offensive plan.

That’s probably not a good sign just two games into the season. And it really makes me feel like LSU didn’t have a solid plan entering the season.

LSU football is going to switch up its offensive plan

Coach O admitted this week during his Monday press conference that LSU might be taking too much time to get the play call in, which gives the defense plenty of time to adjust.

Moving forward, LSU plans to play with “tempo” to try to catch the defense off guard.

From 247Sports:

"Orgeron: “I think it’s more we’re trying to look over, get the perfect play for the perfect defense and we had a discussion and we’re better off sometimes going what we call ‘warp.’ Go fast and attack the defense and we’re going to practice that this week.”"

This plan definitely makes sense. It’s something we see from a lot of college teams these days. Play fast and don’t give the defense time to adjust.

However, it doesn’t feel wise to suddenly start playing this way in the middle of the season — especially when it sounds like this isn’t how the offense was mainly practiced during camp.

Playing this way will provide plenty of opportunities for miscommunication, which could obviously result in disaster.

It’s bothersome that LSU is realizing two games into the season that the offense isn’t going to work in its current form.

And yes, I understand that the Tigers have new play-callers. But this is a program that was expected to hit the ground running in 2021. Instead, it feels more like another rebuilding year.

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Hopefully, the decision to go with tempo more often works. It’s the right approach, but I have some serious doubts that it will be a smooth transition.