It turns out that Bengals QB Joe Burrow actually does have a flaw

Minnesota Vikings At Cincinnati Bengals Sept 12
Minnesota Vikings At Cincinnati Bengals Sept 12 /

It feels like former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow can do no wrong.

I mean, the guy is a great quarterback, who can seemingly run an offense without help from coaches.

Burrow’s also a tremendous teammate and leader. He’s just an all-around good dude that any NFL team would be lucky to have (the Cincinnati Bengals are really fortunate to have him).

You couldn’t blame folks for thinking that Burrow has no flaws.

We learned this week, however, that Burrow does have at least one flaw.

His memory — specifically his recollection of meeting people — isn’t necessarily elite.

Joe Burrow doesn’t remember meeting Justin Fields

Burrow and the Bengals are set to play the Chicago Bears this weekend.

That means we’ll be getting to see Burrow and former Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields on the same field together.

On Wednesday, Burrow was asked about Fields.

The former LSU standout had plenty of great things to say about Fields. Burrow compared the former Buckeye to Lamar Jackson, saying “he’s a Lamar Jackson type athlete”.

Burrow also noted that he’s never met Fields.

That’s not exactly true, though.

Burrow and Fields were both at the 2019 Heisman Trophy ceremony. They were seated near each other and even posed for a photo together (along with Chase Young and Jalen Hurts).

OK, so Burrow and Fields have obviously met before. Maybe Burrow isn’t as perfect as we thought?

Though to be fair, Burrow had a lot going on that night. After all, Burrow took home the Heisman that night, so he undoubtedly spoke to a lot of people. It’s understandable that meeting Fields slipped his mind.

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If this is the only flaw we can find when it comes to Burrow, it must mean he’s doing a lot right.

I don’t think many folks would disagree with that.