Why Bengals fans shouldn’t worry about Joe Burrow after second half meltdown

Cincinnati Bengals At Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals At Chicago Bears /

Former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow had a rough day at the office on Sunday.

Burrow tossed three interceptions on three straight plays in the fourth quarter of the Cincinnati Bengals’ 20-17 loss to the Chicago Bears.

That’s not exactly the type of performance fans were expecting from their franchise quarterback.

But there’s no reason for Bengals fans to fret. This is all part of what’s going to make Burrow one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Bengals fans shouldn’t be worried about Joe Burrow

Burrow had a rough day. It happens.

But those three straight interceptions won’t get him down.

In fact, Burrow played some of his best football late in the game. His two touchdown passes came late in the game, which allowed the Bengals to have a shot at the win.

It’s important to remember that Burrow still hasn’t played a full season in the NFL. He’s going to have some growing pains. He’s going to have some tough moments (just like Peyton Manning did as a rookie in 1998 when he led the league in interceptions with 28).

The struggles are only going to make Burrow better. Remember, this is one of the most competitive players on the planet we’re talking about. Having a bad game (really, just a bad sequence), is just going to make Burrow work that much harder to be the best quarterback in the NFL.

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Cincinnati is playing the long game with Burrow. The goal isn’t to reach the Super Bowl this season. The goal is to set up the franchise for long-term success.

And nothing that happened on Sunday has changed the likelihood of that goal being achieved with Burrow under center.