Mike Leach seemingly confirms our suspicions about LSU football

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Mandatory Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports /

You never know what you’re going to get when Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach meets with the media.

Leach is known for his diatribes about anything from the woes of social media to the possible existence of Big Foot.

Sometimes, between all the random talk about pirates and aliens, Leach manages to find some time to talk about football.

Shocking, right?

Mike Leach made some interesting comments about LSU football this week

Leach met with reporters this week to discuss Mississippi State’s upcoming matchup with LSU football this weekend in Starkville.

And the quirky head coach had some interesting things to say about the Tigers.

For starters, Leach put it out there that he’s heard that LSU head coach Ed Orgeron is “more involved” in play-calling this season than he was last season.

Here’s what Leach had to say (via 247Sports):

"“They changed a lot of coaches over there, so it is pretty tough. There’s really not much crossover at least as far as the personnel that is calling it, their coaches. I think [head coach] Ed [Orgeron] is more involved is what I heard. I don’t know that for sure. We are taking what we got.”"

This isn’t really much of a surprise. I wrote earlier this month that it appears that Orgeron is meddling with the offense again. Leach’s comments seemingly confirm that idea (unless he’s an avid reader of my work, which I doubt.).

Typically when a head coach gets “more involved” with an offense or a defense, it doesn’t end well.

Those weren’t the only interesting comments that Leach made about LSU, either.

He also called the Tigers’ defense “very basic”.

"“It is just a fundamental defense. They like the combination of man and various shell-zones. They have a four-man front. They don’t mess around with a three-man front a whole lot. Very basic, very committed to what they do. Sometimes those types of defenses are the most dangerous.”"

That feels like a backhanded compliment at best.

Leach also doesn’t feel like LSU’s offense has changed much this season with Jake Peetz and DJ Mangas running the show.

"“They’re awfully similar [to last year]. Some years are better than others. They’re very similar to what they were last year as far as their style of play.”"

It definitely doesn’t sound like Leach is giving the Tigers much respect.

Of course, Leach is 1-0 against LSU as Mississippi State’s head coach.

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So it’ll be up to the Tigers to earn some of that respect this weekend.