If Kirk Herbstreit comment about LSU Football is true, Ed Orgeron has to be fired

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Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit made a comment about LSU Football during the College Gameday broadcast on Saturday that could be very concerning for Tigers fans.

Herbstreit suggested that LSU players may not even be interested in playing football at this point.

Herbstreit didn’t offer any inside information, but the fact this is even being brought up is very concerning.

It might be time for LSU Football to make a change

While it wouldn’t be fair to trust Herbstreit’s suggestion 100 percent, it’s still something that has to be discussed.

There’s no doubt that the Tigers haven’t played up to their potential since winning it all in 2019.

LSU has a talent advantage in almost every game they play. The losses last season to teams like Mississippi State and Missouri should’ve never happened. And the loss to UCLA this season shouldn’t have happened. In fact, the Tigers should’ve dominated those games.

It kind of feels like some of LSU’s players are more interested in getting to the next level, instead of winning games in Baton Rouge.

And look, I get it. Getting to the NFL is the ultimate goal. But there has to be a balance.

For whatever reason, the culture at LSU under Orgeron isn’t conducive to consistent winning football. I think Coach O is doing all he knows to do. He’s working his tail off to make LSU great. But it’s just not working.

2019 was fun. But was it because of Coach O or because of an insane amount of talent and the leadership of Joe Burrow?

I’m starting to think it was the latter.

And if that was the case, it’s time for a change.