LSU Football: Ed Orgeron throws massive shade at his offensive coordinator

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LSU Football head coach Ed Orgeron isn’t very happy with his offensive coordinator Jake Peetz.

While Orgeron never mentioned Peetz by name on Saturday night after the Tigers’ 24-19 loss to Auburn, he made it clear that he’s not thrilled with LSU’s play calling.

Orgeron was asked about having to burn a timeout at one point in the game and he made it clear that it was because the play call was in late. He then expressed frustration that the play calling setup wasn’t “organized”.

Here’s what Orgeron had to say (via Tiger Details/YouTube):

"The play call was in late and then we’re trying to change it at the line of scrimmage. We just weren’t very well organized."

Orgeron didn’t stop there in his criticism of Peetz’s play-calling.

"We’re trying to change the play, I told them we have to just call the play and run with it. Sometimes we’re changing the play, sometimes it’s coming in late….there’s no excuse for that, we should not be at that point."

LSU Football is totally out of sync

This is not the type of stuff you want to hear if you’re an LSU fan.

There appears to be a lot of disharmony between Orgeron and the offensive staff. And that’s not an ideal situation for the Tigers.

Of course, this is the danger of hiring a first-time offensive coordinator to lead an SEC program. It’s not a surprise that Peetz is struggling.

Orgeron was so concerned with recreating what worked with Joe Brady in 2019 that he failed to think about one specific problem — Brady had an experienced coach in Steve Ensminger to lean on during the season. Peetz, on the other hand, was paired with DJ Mangas, another inexperienced assistant coach. There was always going to be a learning curve for Peetz. And Orgeron didn’t properly prepare for that learning curve.

This was a massive misstep by Orgeron. He has no one to blame but himself for the Tigers’ offensive communication issues.

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Peetz is doing the best he can while trying to adapt to what Orgeron wants. It’s certainly doesn’t sound like it’s a great working environment for Peetz and Mangas.