LSU Football has to fire Ed Orgeron, but Tigers need to wait until after this specific game

Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /

LSU football has no choice — Ed Orgeron has to be fired.

The 24-19 loss on Saturday night to Auburn sealed Coach O’s fate.

LSU opened the game with a 13-0 lead, but the defense fell apart (poor tackling and no adjustments), while the offense sputtered in the second half.

The Tigers have no run game and the offensive line continues to struggle.

There are no signs that this is getting better anytime soon. If it wasn’t for wide receivers Kayshon Boutte and Jack Bech, the offense would be even worse.

It’s time for LSU fans to accept that Coach O had a magical run in 2019 thanks to a loaded roster. But what we have seen the last two years is the true Orgeron. And losing to a first-time SEC head coach in Bryan Harsin on Saturday night confirmed it.

LSU football needs to wait until after the Kentucky game to fire Ed Orgeron

Deciding when to fire a coach is always a tough decision.

LSU doesn’t want to wait too long and let the season go completely off the rails.

But at the same time, the season needs to be salvaged. What’s the best way to accomplish that?

I think LSU should wait until after the Kentucky game next week to fire Orgeron.

If the Tigers lose to Kentucky, that’s when Orgeron should go. LSU’s schedule after the Kentucky game is extremely tough. The Tigers get Florida, Ole Miss, Alabama, and Arkansas after the Kentucky matchup. That’s a tough stretch that could result in LSU entering the final weeks of the season with a 3-7 record. That’s much easier to stomach if LSU is in the midst of a coaching transition.

The other reason that I think LSU needs to go ahead and make the move after the Kentucky game is because I’d like to see what this staff can do without the influence of Orgeron.

Maybe with a bit more freedom, they can pull off a win against Florida or Arkansas. The Tigers have plenty of talent to win those games. It’s the coaching at this point that is failing LSU. And it all starts at the top.

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If LSU manages to beat Kentucky, then Orgeron has to go after the next loss — unless the Tigers manage to go on an unexpected winning streak to end the season. At which point we will have a completely different conversation, but that’s not something I’m anticipating.

LSU knows what it has to do. They just have to decide when to do it.