LSU Football: Ed Orgeron made an important clarification on Monday

Mandatory Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports /

LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron was heavily criticized this weekend for seemingly passing the blame for the Tigers’ loss to Auburn this weekend on to his assistant coaches.

Coach O pointed out several times on Saturday that he wasn’t happy with the way offensive coordinator Jake Peetz is calling plays.

Specifically, Orgeron doesn’t like how long it’s taking to get the play call in to the quarterback.

On Monday, during a media session with reporters, Orgeron finally took responsibility for the loss.

Ed Orgeron takes the blame for LSU football’s loss to Auburn

Orgeron admitted on Monday that it looked like he was pointing fingers this weekend after the loss, but he clarified that he takes full responsibility for the loss.

Coach O started his press conference on Monday by saying he’s always the one ultimately responsible for LSU’s performance.

He then doubled down on taking responsibility.

Here’s what Orgeron had to say (via Shea Dixon/Twitter):

"Orgeron: “I think when things go wrong, I get asked questions and it may sound like I am pointing the finger. That’s not me. I will take full responsibility for everything that happens in this program.”"

I can certainly understand where Orgeron is coming from. He always tries to be candid and truthful with reporters. Orgeron was skipping the coach speak and getting right to the nitty-gritty of went wrong for LSU against Auburn.

I’m sure everyone appreciates Orgeron not sounding like a robot up there when he’s talking about his team.

However, there are some things — especially when it comes to assistant coaches — that are better off being handled behind closed doors.

It’s going to be hard to attract assistant coaches if they’re getting publicly blamed for losses.

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Orgeron knows this is all on his shoulders. But he needs to make sure everyone else knows it, too.

I’m glad he owned up to it on Monday, but it should’ve never even been a question.