LSU Football: 2 positives about Ed Orgeron from win over Florida

Lsu Vs Florida Football 3447
Lsu Vs Florida Football 3447 /

I know most of the talk about LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron has been negative in recent weeks.

But I think it’s important right now to point out some positives about Coach O.

This is a man who loves LSU with everything in him. And he’s doing all he can to lead the Tigers to success.

It’s just that some of Orgeron’s methods — specifically his assistant coach hiring decisions — haven’t worked out the way he envisioned.

Two positives about Ed Orgeron from win over Florida

There are two things that Orgeron did/said on Saturday in the Tigers’ 49-42 win over Florida that I think need some attention.

The first thing is his statement in his postgame interview with ESPN.

Orgeron was asked about how big the win over Florida was for him, given all the noise about his job status.

Coach O didn’t make his answer about himself. Instead, he made it about the players.

“This is not about me, this is about these players that fought all week to win this big-time game,” said Orgeron to ESPN.

That’s a great response from Orgeron. He’s very much on the hot seat right now. And he’s been around long enough that he knows he probably won’t be back at LSU next season. But that isn’t changing how he approaches being a head coach. He’s there for the kids at LSU — that hasn’t changed, regardless of the win/loss record.

The other positive that I think is worth pointing out is the way Orgeron handled the game winning touchdown.

LSU went for it on fourth down from the Florida one yard line. Before the play, offensive coordinator Jake Peetz asked Orgeron if he wanted to run the ball.

Orgeron responded “it’s your call”.

Peetz went with a pass play and Max Johnson ended up throwing the go-ahead touchdown.

It’s great to see Orgeron trusting his offensive coordinator. That’s an issue that Orgeron has battled at various points in his career.

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