LSU Football: If report about Ed Orgeron is true, Tigers had no choice but to fire him

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Ed Orgeron won’t be the head coach of LSU football in 2022.

Sports Illustrated reported on Sunday that Orgeron and LSU have agreed to part ways after the 2021 season.

Most folks could sense that this was coming.

Going 9-8 over a 17 game stretch isn’t going to get it done in Baton Rouge.

What’s surprising is the timing.

It’s clear that LSU didn’t want this lingering over the program. They wanted to go ahead and start a search for a new coach. Breaking up with Orgeron in this manner allows that to happen.

Orgeron also made it extremely easy for LSU to move on. We’ve seen the off-field antics — yelling at UCLA fans and the back-and-forth with a caller on Orgeron’s radio show.

But now additional behind-the-scenes details are emerging about Orgeron that paint a picture of a coach who didn’t have control of the program.

LSU Football had no choice but to move on from Orgeron

WBRZ’s Matt Trent reported on Sunday that Orgeron had “girlfriends” that would show up at practice. And sometimes the kids of those girlfriends would interfere with practice by taking part in drills.

What a coach does in their personal life is their own business. But when personal life starts to interfere with work, it becomes a problem.

It’s easy to see why Orgeron’s teams weren’t prepared at times this year — he was too busy entertaining girlfriends and their kids instead of running a practice.

Can you imagine this happening at Alabama under Nick Saban?

There’s no way that would happen in Tuscaloosa.

Orgeron was doing a disservice to the program if Trent’s report is true.

Now that we have this information, I’m surprised it took this long for Tigers athletic director Scott Woodward to make a move.

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Orgeron has no one to blame but himself for being out of a job at year’s end.