How Ed Orgeron embarrassed the LSU Football program on Monday

Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports /

Ed Orgeron won’t return as LSU Football‘s head coach in 2022.

The Tigers and Orgeron agreed last month to part ways at the end of the season.

Orgeron has pledged to continue recruiting elite players to LSU and to do what’s best for the program until the end of the season.

But after Monday, I’m not sure Orgeron remaining the head coach through the end of the season is what’s best for the program.

Ed Orgeron’s comments on Monday about LSU football were embarrassing

Orgeron had an exchange with a reporter on Monday that was completely embarrassing.

Coach O thought the reporter was asking him about Alabama — the Tigers’ opponent on Saturday.

Orgeron responded to the question by saying that Alabama was “very good” and “very well-coached”. At that point, someone clarified that the question was about Orgeron and his staff self-scouting LSU and not Alabama.

What followed was a nearly minute-long diatribe from Orgeron about how LSU is too predictable on defense, doesn’t adjust well, and doesn’t disguise its defense.

My written words really can’t do it justice. Just watch the clip below.

That is absolutely brutal to watch. First off, it doesn’t help LSU as a program at all. This is one time when Orgeron should’ve gone with coach-speak instead of being so candid.

The other part of this that is so bad is the fact that Orgeron is essentially throwing shade at the entire defensive staff — you know, the guys he hired. Those guys are going to be looking for new jobs at the end of the year. These comments from Orgeron on Monday weren’t exactly a glowing endorsement for them.

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Orgeron is a man with nothing to lose. That’s why I’m not sure putting him in front of a microphone multiple times a week for the next month is a wise idea for LSU.

Nothing good is going to come from Orgeron talking to the media right now. But plenty of bad can come from it.