Another report indicates LSU Football has a top target to replace Ed Orgeron

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Mandatory Credit: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports /

LSU football is in the midst of a coaching search for only the fourth time in less than 25 years.

The last three coaches who were hired by the Tigers went on to win a national championship shortly after they were hired (Nick Saban in 2003, Les Miles in 2007, and Ed Orgeron in 2019).

Suffice it to say, LSU athletic director Scott Woodward is feeling some pressure to get this hire right.

Anything less than a national championship for the next coach will be a major disappointment.

Does LSU Football have its top target?

Based on various recent reports, it appears that Woodward’s top target right now is Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher.

247Sports’ Carl Reed is the latest to report that Fisher is at the top of LSU’s list.

From 247Sports:

"It appears that LSU athletic director Scott Woodward has his eyes on a big fish — again. I have two good sources telling me that Texas A&M head football coach Jimbo Fisher is the top target for the Woodward."

This makes a lot of sense. Fisher, who was LSU’s offensive coordinator from 2000-2006, has professed his love for Baton Rouge on several occasions (including the day he was introduced as the Aggies’ head coach).

Fisher was also hired at Texas A&M by Woodward, so there’s an obvious connection in place.

I’m sure there are plenty of Aggies fans wondering why Fisher would leave College Station when he’s extremely well paid.

I think the answer is obvious — Fisher would almost be guaranteed a national championship at LSU.

And after winning a natty at Florida State in 2013, there’s no doubt that Fisher wants to get back to the top of the college football world.

Fisher has a career record of 116-35 between his time at Florida State and Texas A&M. If he went to LSU, he’d have the best talent he’s ever had in his career.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Fisher was competing for a national championship by year two if he ends up leaving the Aggies for the Tigers.