LSU Football: One reason why Joe Brady may not want to return to Baton Rouge

Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports /

Former LSU football passing game coordinator Joe Brady was fired this week by the Carolina Panthers.

Brady had been serving as the Panthers offensive coordinator — a job he took after his one season in Baton Rouge.

In 2019, Brady helped turn the Tigers’ offense into the best offense in the nation.

As a result of LSU’s magical 2019 season, Brady was offered a role as the Panthers’ offensive coordinator, despite not having any offensive coordinator experience on his resumé.

Now that Brady is out of a job, it’s logical to wonder if a return to LSU is in the works — especially since new Tigers head coach Brian Kelly hasn’t hired an offensive coordinator yet.

The one reason why Joe Brady may not return to LSU football

The idea of Brady returning to LSU is certainly exciting.

But I think there’s one big reason why it may not happen.

What Brady and the Tigers accomplished in 2019 is something we’ll probably never see again in college football. That season was the perfect storm of elite talent and fresh ideas.

If Brady were to return to LSU, he would be constantly compared to his work from that season.

Anything LSU accomplished in the future under Brady would be a letdown compared to 2019.

I could understand if Brady wants his LSU legacy to remain as it is right now.

It seems more likely that he’ll either look for another job in the NFL after the 2021 season (Carolina’s problems had more to do with a terrible quarterback situation and a different philosophy from head coach Matt Rhule). Brady is still a bright offensive mind who has a promising future ahead.

Or Brady could land at somewhere like Ole Miss or Miami as a play-caller (Brady is a Miami native, so this definitely would make sense).

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Brady has little to gain by returning to LSU and a lot to lose. I’d be surprised at this point if he returns to Baton Rouge.