LSU Football: Chris Fowler doesn’t sound like a big fan of Tigers coaching situation

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ESPN’s Chris Fowler decided to play contrarian this week while discussing LSU football.

Fowler appeared on the Rich Eisen Show this week to discuss the recent coaching changes in college football.

And he sounded off on LSU’s coaching change.

Fowler appeared to be disappointed in the Tigers’ decision to fire Ed Orgeron. And he seemed annoyed that Brian Kelly left Notre Dame for LSU.

“One, on the coaching front, (Ed) Orgeron getting fired was a chilling thing for coaches,” said Fowler (via 247Sports). “Two years ago he was walking on water at LSU. Two years later, he’s out of a job.”

More from Fowler:

"Brian Kelly goes down to LSU knowing he has got to win. Culturally it’s a weird fit … this is a unique, wonderful place, but I’ve talked to many coaches who are an outsider there … if you are not from there and don’t get the culture, you have a shorter rope."

Chris Fowler doesn’t get it when it comes to LSU football

It sounds like Fowler thinks Orgeron should’ve had more time at LSU after winning a national championship in 2019.

That’s an easy opinion for someone to have based on an outsider’s view.

But that opinion doesn’t take into account the problems that plagued the program over the last two seasons.

Orgeron seemingly lost his way after winning it all in 2019. He didn’t have the same focus that he had before.

For example, Coach O hired a lot of good coaches over the last couple of years, but those hires didn’t work out. That’s because Orgeron didn’t create an atmosphere of success. It was kind of a free for all. Orgeron did a lot of great things for the program, but letting him go was the only way for the program to move forward.

When it comes to Kelly, it’s not fair for Fowler to say he has a “shorter rope” because he’s not from Louisiana. That’s almost like saying he’s immediately on the hot seat at LSU. That’s insane to suggest.

The biggest thing the Tigers are looking for with Kelly is sustained success. National championships every year aren’t realistic — especially if the playoff expands.

LSU just expects to be in the national championship picture every year. And that’s what Kelly can bring to the program. That’s why he was hired.

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Fowler is a great play-by-play announcer. And I think he’s one of the best voices in college football. But he’s off the mark with these comments.

LSU made the right move by moving on from Orgeron and hiring Kelly. And they’re going to be better for it.