LSU Football: Comments from transfer OL show Brian Kelly won’t micromanage offense

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One of LSU football‘s biggest downfalls in 2021 was Ed Orgeron’s micromanaging of assistants.

Orgeron made it a point this past season to publicly talk about what he felt the offense needed to be doing differently.

Here’s what Orgeron said to 104.5 in Baton Rouge about the offense after the Tigers’ week one loss to UCLA (via 247Sports).

"“I met with the offense, we have to be more diverse. Something that I wanted and again, it didn’t happen in the game,” Orgeron said. “That’s my responsibility, but we met with them on Sunday and we have to get the ball outside. We have to run some pin and pulls. We have to be more diverse. I guarantee you’re gonna see it this week.”"

Programs that have meddling head coaches rarely find success.

The 2019 LSU team was elite in part due to Orgeron letting Joe Brady, Dave Aranda, and other assistants do their job. At some point after 2019, Orgeron went back to his old ways (what got him fired at Ole Miss in the mid-2000s).

Brian Kelly is largely an unknown for LSU. Will he be like Orgeron and meddle? Or will he let coaches do what he hired them to do?

Comment from LSU football transfer shows Brian Kelly won’t micromanage

A comment this week from LSU transfer addition Miles Frazier, an offensive lineman from FIU, shows that fans probably don’t need to worry about Kelly meddling in the offense or the defense.

Frazier told 247Sports that he doesn’t know what kind of offense the Tigers will run under Kelly because an offensive coordinator hire hasn’t been made yet.

“We haven’t really talked about the offense due to no coordinator,” said Frazier to 247Sports.

This means Kelly won’t be hiring an offensive coordinator to run “Brian Kelly’s offense”. Instead, it means Kelly will be hiring the best person for the job. And he’s going to let them do their job without standing over their shoulder.

Kelly is going to be a CEO-type coach for the Tigers. And that’s exactly what LSU needs.

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LSU is already on the right track under Brian Kelly.