Former LSU Football QB Joe Burrow’s top 5 ‘swagger’ moments

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2. “You can’t zero me”

This is my favorite moment on the list. But I couldn’t quite put it at No. 1 (for obvious reasons).

Earlier this season, during a game-winning drive against the Jaguars, Burrow was hit with an all-out blitz.

Jacksonville brought everyone, but Burrow stood in the pocket and got the ball out quickly to tight end C. J. Uzomah, who picked up the first down.

Burrow was mic’d up for the play and he left us with a memorable quote.

“Can’t zero me”, exclaimed Burrow after beating the all-out blitz.

Not only is Burrow confident in his abilities against an all-out blitz, it’s almost like he’s daring a team to come after him.

It doesn’t get much swaggier than that.