Amazing nugget about former LSU football QB Joe Burrow from time at Ohio State

Syndication: The Enquirer
Syndication: The Enquirer /

Before Joe Burrow was a star for LSU football, he was a mostly unknown backup quarterback at Ohio State.

Burrow signed with the Buckeyes out of high school as a four-star recruit.

He then spent two years as a backup to JT Barrett. After Dwayne Haskins became the successor to Barrett, Burrow decided to transfer to LSU.

Even though Burrow wasn’t the starter at Ohio State, his teammates still recognized that he had a bright future.

Joe Burrow’s Ohio State teammate recognized greatness in 2017

In 2017, there weren’t many football fans aware of Burrow. So there definitely weren’t many folks who expected Burrow to be a star in the NFL one day.

Burrow’s Ohio State teammate Mike Weber, however, knew in 2017 that Burrow was bound for greatness.

“Joe Burrow is the Next Tom Brady and y’all don’t even know it,” tweeted Weber in 2017.

That is absolutely insane. Burrow was a nobody in 2017. But Weber, a running back who was a seventh round pick in 2019, knew there was something special about Burrow.

And he was right….very right.

It feels like we add to the legend of Joe Burrow every day at this point. There are countless stories about Burrow’s incredible leadership and the way he makes those around him better.

It’s clearly infectious. And it’s also apparently very noticeable.

The great thing about Burrow is that we’re just going to continue to add to these stories in the coming years.

dark. Next. Joe Burrow vs Lawrence Tynes?

This is only the beginning for Burrow. I have a feeling he’s going to have some epic moments during his NFL career.