Joe Burrow facing some backlash for comments after AFC Championship game

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Former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow is facing some backlash for comments he made after his Cincinnati Bengals beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game on Sunday.

While speaking to reporters after the win, Burrow was asked if the diamonds in his “JB9” necklace were real.

Burrow had what I thought was a humorous response.

“They’re definitely real. I make too much money to have fake ones,” said Burrow.

Joe Burrow facing some backlash for comments about diamonds

When I heard Burrow’s comments about the diamonds being real, I immediately laughed. That’s just Joe Burrow. He has swagger and confidence. He unabashedly himself. That was the extent of my thoughts.

Some folks, however, thought Burrow’s comments came off as arrogant (Yahoo Sports has a long list of Twitter replies here).

I mean, I guess I can see that.

But only if you don’t know Burrow very well.

There’s no way Burrow was being anything but funny in that situation. Everyone knows he makes a lot of money — he’s a former No. 1 overall NFL draft pick. There’s no need for Burrow to act like he doesn’t.

I think athletes are more relatable when they are real. Burrow was being real in that moment.

Folks getting upset at that need better ways to occupy their time. Burrow is on top of the world right now. He’s living life to its fullest extent. Who cares if he made a joke about expensive diamonds?

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I don’t know why I’m shocked over people getting mad at Burrow for an off-handed comment, but for some reason I am.