Ohio State players rooted for Joe Burrow at LSU after he left Columbus

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When Joe Burrow left Ohio State for LSU, he left behind a fan club.

Burrow was so respected by his Buckeyes teammates for his toughness that his former teammates made sure to keep up with him and root for him when he left for Baton Rouge.

According to former Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano, who is now the head coach at Rutgers, Burrow was often a topic of discussion among Buckeyes players.

From The New York Post:

"Even after he was gone, he remained a topic of conversation among Ohio State players. The team kept tabs on him, rooting for him from a distance.“That means they really liked him and really cared about him, otherwise they wouldn’t give a crap,” Schiano said. “That says something about the guy and the teammate he was. That goes back to going through the winter program and being right next to a linebacker and not being able to tell the difference if you didn’t know who was who. That kind of toughness is what made everybody love him.”"

Is Joe Burrow going to be the best NFL teammate ever?

It feels like nearly every day we hear a new story about an incredible teammate Burrow is and has always been.

One of my favorite Burrow stories comes from his high school days in Ohio.

Burrow was being recruited by Ohio State and went to Columbus for a camp. When he got done with the camp, Burrow and his mom immediately drove to Indianapolis for a basketball game that Burrow’s team was playing. He literally ran into the gym as the game was about to start.

It would’ve been incredibly easy for Burrow to skip that game after being at Ohio State. But there was no way he was going to let down his teammates.

I don’t think there’s a better teammate in football than Joe Burrow. And I think that’s just as important as his physical skills. The way he has made everyone on the Bengals roster better is a direct result of his qualities as a teammate.

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Burrow leaves a mark everywhere he goes — even if he didn’t have insane stats (like at Ohio State) — simply because of who he is as a person.