LSU Football: NFL Films caught Joe Burrow’s unreal confidence on tape

Mandatory Credit: Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports /

Look, we all know by now that former LSU Football quarterback Joe Burrow has unreal confidence.

But it’s still fun to see it on display — especially as he leads the Cincinnati Bengals into a showdown against the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LVI.

Burrow was Mic’d up by NFL Films for the Bengals’ AFC Championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs and unsurprisingly, that confidence was caught on tape.

Check it out:

Joe Burrow’s confidence is why his teammates love him

Burrow’s confidence to say “when we score we’re going for two” and then actually deliver on that is remarkable.

But that’s not what jumped out the most to me while watching this clip.

It’s the pure excitement of his teammates.

Obviously, this was a big game for the Bengals. So players were going to be pumped up no matter what.

But you can really sense the vibe that Burrow brings to Cincinnati in this clip. His unreal confidence boosts those around him. You can see it in the body language and the reaction of his teammates.

It’s a confidence that can’t be faked. There are a lot of quarterbacks who try to have that same impact on a franchise. But not everyone can pull it off.

With Burrow, however, it’s just who he is. He’s not even trying — it comes naturally to him.

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I think that’s why his teammates are so willing to rally around a young quarterback who has been in the NFL less than two years.

Man, I really hope Burrow is Mic’d up for the Super Bowl, too.