Joe Burrow says losing Super Bowl was like losing high school game

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Former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow wasn’t able to lead the Cincinnati Bengals to a win in Super Bowl LVI.

The Bengals fell 23-20 to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday night at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA.

It was a tough end to a magical season for Cincinnati. The Bengals weren’t supposed to be in the Super Bowl this season. They were barely supposed to be in the playoffs (that was considered the main goal before the season started).

But just because the Bengals weren’t supposed to be in the Super Bowl doesn’t mean the loss hurts any less.

Joe Burrow said losing Super Bowl was like losing state championship game in high school

After the loss to the Rams, Burrow was asked how the loss compared to the time he lost a state championship game in high school.

Burrow said the feeling was the same.

“You lose the state championship or Super Bowl, obviously it’s different media coverage, but it feels the same to me,” said Burrow (via 247Sports).

I’m sure some might see this comment and wonder how Burrow can compare a Super Bowl loss to a high school loss.

But that’s not how I see it at all.

This is Burrow as a competitor in a nutshell. He doesn’t care what stage he’s on — he just wants to win. And when he doesn’t win, he’s not happy. Super Bowl, high school, practice rep, it doesn’t matter — Burrow just wants to dominate in everything he does.

That’s part of what makes him so good.

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There’s been plenty of talk about whether or not Burrow will get back to the Super Bowl again in his career (the example of Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino reaching the Super Bowl in his second year and never making it back has been used). But I don’t think I’d doubt Burrow. He’ll be back….several times.