What LSU Tigers fans are saying about Joe Brady as an Alabama coaching candidate

Former LSU Football passing game coordinator Joe Brady (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Former LSU Football passing game coordinator Joe Brady (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

Joe Brady is forever enshrined in LSU Tigers football lore because of his role in the 2019 National Championship team. So, it is understandable why many fans are uneasy with rumors the former Tigers passing game coordinator is on Alabama’s radar.

Multiple college news outlets have suggested Joe Brady as a top candidate to replace Bill O’Brien as Alabama’s offensive coordinator. However, the 33-year-old coach has yet to receive or accept an opportunity to interview. But it seems likely that Nick Saban will consider a younger play-caller with SEC and NFL experience.

Brady worked directly with offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger in 2019 to field the best offense in college football history. The 2019 LSU Tigers offense led the nation in yards per game (568.9), while quarterback Joe Burrow set numerous collegiate records. Brady deservedly received much credit for Burrow’s Heisman Trophy-winning year and emerged as a popular candidate for NFL vacancies.

One of Matt Rhule’s first acts as Carolina Panthers head coach was hiring Joe Brady away from LSU in 2020. Unfortunately, the Panthers were inept under Rhule, and Brady was fired, as a scapegoat, during the 2021 season. Brady landed on his feet with the Buffalo Bills before 2022, where he spent the year as quarterback’s coach. The Bills offense remained one of the NFL’s best and is, again, an attractive coordinator candidate. But will the Crimson Tide come calling?

LSU Tigers fans want to see Joe Brady on a head coaching path, but not one that crosses through Tuscaloosa. Tigers fans hold Brady in high regard, as they do all aspects of the 2019 LSU squad. However, attitudes will likely change if he ends up on Saban’s staff. Thankfully, NFL talks are drowning out most Brady-to-Bama speculation.

NBC Sports has reported that the Los Angeles Chargers want to interview Joe Brady for their offensive coordinator position. The New York Jets are also seeking an interview. Additionally, there is promotion potential in Buffalo, where offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey is on a hot seat. Fans can expect a lot of coaching movement in the weeks leading to the Super Bowl.

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