LSU Tigers fans swipe over $1k in beer from Tiger Stadium

LSU students and LSU Tigers fans are indeed a different breed. As proof, we’re offering the story of $1,500 of stolen beer from Tiger Stadium.

File this story under ‘LSU Tigers fans being LSU Tigers fans.’ We’re talking about Bryce Tilotta, the 19-year-old accused of stealing $1,500 worth of stolen beer from Tiger Stadium. Not quite a Chiefsaholic scenario, but one worth amusement nonetheless.

According to reports, Tilotta and several other ‘college-aged males’ were caught on surveillance making off with several cases of beer. Police apprehended the group at approximately 3 a.m. on March 28.

Police allege the group piled the stolen brew in Tilotta’s black pickup truck. The truck was later tracked down at Spruce Hall on the LSU campus. Tilotta was charged with one count of simple burglary. We assume several accomplices were also charged in the beer boost.

Little is known about Tilotta other than he’s a first-year student at LSU. More importantly, we’re curious how Tilotta and his band of college-aged males broke into Tiger Stadium. Lastly, is the $1,500 estimate based on what LSU spends on beer or what they charge LSU Tigers fans?

The (alleged) Tilotta-led beer heist cracks the top 10 of LSU Tigers football fan shenanigans. Such rankings include the impaired fan that strolled onto the field in the middle of a play during 2022’s LSU vs. Southern game. More shenanigans ensued after the LSU Tigers upset Alabama last November in Death Valley.

Mason Taylor’s two-point-conversion-catch-for-the-win resulted in LSU fans rushing the field. Such resulted in fans attempting to lift everything from end zone pylons to handfuls of LSU football helmets.

We cannot condone everything LSU Tigers fans do, but we understand. After all, ‘fan’ is short for ‘fanatic,’ defined as ‘expressing excessive zeal.’ Unfortunately, in college football, excessive zeal often involves alcohol-fueled bad decisions.

Again, we don’t condone such behavior, but we understand. Either way, there’s nothing like being an LSU Tigers fan in Death Valley.