LSU football: Time to stop the Garrett Nussmeier speculation

Garrett Nussmeier is not leaving the LSU Tigers for the transfer portal anytime soon. Thus, major college football outlets can stop reporting the obvious.

News circulated at the beginning of the month that Garrett Nussmeier did not enter his name into the transfer portal. As a result, the second-year quarterback will remain with the LSU Tigers for the 2023 season. At Death Valley Voice, we’re trying to understand why anyone thought Nussmeier would consider transferring to another program in the first place.

Some believe Nussmeier would consider leaving the LSU Tigers for a chance to start in 2023. There are some programs with depth charts chocked full of inferior quarterbacks. But are those scenarios better for Nussmeier in the long term? For example, would toughing it out at Auburn under a new coaching staff be a better option than remaining with LSU? Or does transferring to Alabama (ahead of Tyler Buchner) guarantee the starting job?

Indeed, Garrett Nussmeier is wisely remaining patient and sticking with a program in which he has experience and rapport with coaches and teammates. Moreover, the LSU Tigers offer a program that is clearly on the rise, and no learning curve is required.

Last month, we suggested a quarterback controversy was quietly brewing in Baton Rouge. Thus far, such does not appear to be the case, as Jayden Daniels remains the expected starter. However, another slow start to the season can result in Brian Kelly turning to Nussmeier to lead the offense. Then again, Daniels is receiving some lofty expectations from the media and sports books, and rightfully so.

The super senior’s mobility makes him a valuable weapon in the current era, and few can forget his performance against Alabama. However, Daniels struggled mightily with throwing accuracy and consistency last season. There are also concerns that neutralizing a Daniels-led offense is as simple as stopping him from scrambling into the open field.

One can assume Garrett Nussmeier knows he’s only a Daniels’ lousy game or two away from becoming the LSU Tigers starting quarterback. Either way, the 21-year-old from Lake Charles is the heir apparent, and nothing short of a sensational transfer quarterback will change that. Thus, we revert to the original question: Why would Nussmeier consider leaving Baton Rouge?

Both LSU quarterbacks looked impressive during the Tigers’ spring game. Daniels appears to have improved his downfield passing game, but Nussmeier’s 70-yard touchdown to Landon Ibieta was a massive highlight. Moreover, Nussmeier played behind a makeshift second-team offensive line, thus, making his afternoon a tad more impressive.