A Surprise Name appears on LSU Basketball's Roster

LSU v Vanderbilt
LSU v Vanderbilt / Johnnie Izquierdo/GettyImages

The LSU Basketball team like the football program is on campus preparing for their upcoming season with summer workouts. The team has also been busy hosting 2025 recruits on campus as Matt McMahon looks to continue his momentum on the recruiting trail.

We've already seen Matt McMahon and the LSU Basketball team get creative with the way they construct their roster using walk ons as the team continues to deal with the scholarship limit from Will Wade's recruiting transgressions. The team added Juco transfer Noah Boyed as a Walk on and it appears Will Wade will have another option not on scholarship available to him.

On LSU Basketball's roster you will find a name that may sound familiar with number 8 Trey'Dez Green at Forward. The true freshman likely sounds familiar to those who are locked in on football recruiting as Green signed with LSU football to play tight end.

This is far from a desperation play for Matt McMahon as Green was a four-star recruit in football while he held division one offers in both sports.

The LSU Basketball team now has an incredible athlete at forward who Matt McMahon will be able to deploy some time after the football season concludes. If all goes well for Green we may see him make an impact as a true freshman on the gridiron and on the hardwood.

How Long Does Green stay with Basketball?

Green's time playing for the LSU Basketball team will likely depend on how each season goes in each sport. As Green becomes a more integral part of the LSU Football team, Brian Kelly will likely want him to focus on football while McMahon will prefer if Green was available for the full season if he pans out. This is such a rare feat that it's truly hard to predict just how long Green spends playing both but, it's an incredible storyline.

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