Brian Kelly and other college coaches who are glad twitter likes are now private

Jul 17, 2023; Nashville, TN, USA;  LSU Tigers head coach Brian Kelly talks with the media during SEC Media Days at Grand Hyatt. Mandatory Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports
Jul 17, 2023; Nashville, TN, USA; LSU Tigers head coach Brian Kelly talks with the media during SEC Media Days at Grand Hyatt. Mandatory Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports / Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

This week, Elon Musk announced that likes on his platform Twitter or as it's now known X would become private. This ended the ability to look at what certain people liked and has likely helped ease the minds of some users of the app.

In the world of College Football, it's nearly impossible to not be on the app, especially for coaches as it's a massive recruiting tool. The world of college football has been a massive part in the growth of college football as Lane Kiffin uses it to troll opposing schools while coaches like Hugh Freeze used it daring users to find anything he did wrong while at Ole Miss sparking part of what would be his downfall.

Now that Twitter likes are private here are a few current and former coaches who are probably a little relieved to see their likes will now be kept private.

Brian Kelly - LSU Football

When Twitter started to become a recruiting tool for College Football, coaches ran to get on the platform to make sure they weren't at a disadvantage. For old school coaches figuring out the platform was clearly a struggle.

What most coaches like Brian Kelly didn't realize is that everyone could see which posts you like. This became an issue for Brian Kelly as he started rumors that his defensive coordinator was on the outs with the click of a button.

The rumors Brian Kelly started ended up being true as Kelly terminated Brian VanGorder just a week later.

Dan Lanning - Oregon Head Coach

This winter every conversation in early January was about who was going to replace Nick Saban as Alabama's Head Coach. Early on rumors swirled that it was Mike Norvell, Dan Lanning, Kalen DeBoer, Steve Sarkisian, and Lane Kiffin among the candidates. For a few days, it looked like Dan Lanning was the top candidate as reports swirled that he had flown to Tuscaloosa. The rumors ended quickly as Lanning liked a post by Josh Pate shutting down the rumors:

The like isn't embarrassing or all that bad for Lanning although, if he let the rumors continue a bit longer he may have seen a pretty sizeable pay raise.

Kalen DeBoer - Alabama Head Coach

While Nick Saban was the Alabama Football coach he never downloaded twitter as he just learned how to send an email after retiring. When Kalen DeBoer took the Alabama job fans new certain things were going to change including social media presence as Kalen DeBoer became the first Alabama Head Coach to send a tweet. DeBoer then saw the downside to twitter as fans picked up on DeBoer liking a former rival fans post.

Urban Meyer - Former Coach

After Urban Meyer left Ohio State it became a yearly trend to guess where Urban was going to land next. There would be rumors of realtors showing houses to speculation that Meyer wanted to return to the West Coast. While Clay Helton was struggling at USC, Urban Meyer sparked rumors that he was going to pursue the USC job as third-string quarterback Matt Fink impressed many.

As well all know, Matt Fink didn't pull Urban Meyer to USC and the houses in Texas must've not been as impressive as Meyer would like as he'd head to Jacksonville. The like made Urban's life a little hectic as he took time away but, it's not his worst moment on twitter as that came in the NFL.

Ryan Day - Ohio State

Unlike most of the coaches on this list, Ryan Day didn't have a tweet liked from his account. In 2021 as Jim Harbaugh's contract was extended the Ohio State Football account liked a tweet about Jim Harbaugh's extension. The move was clearly trolling Harbaugh especially after the 2020 game was canceled due to Covid as Harbaugh lost his previous five matchups.

What happened next makes this hilarious as Harbaugh won the next three matchups and a National Championship before heading to the NFL while Day may find himself fired if he loses this season.